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Dental phobia or dental fear is a fossa that people from all walks of life and every age can live in. Occasionally, atrophy, or fear of the doctor, can sometimes be associated with trypanophobia or fear of needles. The severity of the dentophobia varies from person to person and appropriate treatments are undertaken.


Dental phobia has many elements. These elements are sometimes seen alone, but sometimes it is possible to have more than one element together and simultaneously. It is triggering this phobia in the lives of people due to negative dentist experiences in the past.

Many people have feared that even those who have experienced bad experience with an epidemiologist in the past are afraid of sounds and smells in a dental clinic, even the voice of a filler. This phobia can occur because many people have fear of needles.

Needles: If you have a needle phobia, you can be extremely frightened by the needles used by the dentists to numb your mouth.


If dentophobia is irreversible and the person is suffering from dental treatment, he or she should seek specialist advice before treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications, and hypnosis are included in the specialist treatments to be performed.

It is very important to choose the right dentist at this stage if the phobia is at the level where the person can handle it. In such cases, the patient's dentist should indicate the fears and anxieties he experienced before the procedure. Thus, a clearer communication with the doctor is established and the physician can help in understanding the behavior and attitudes. This makes the patient feel safe and under control.

In such cases, the physician must tell his / her patient all the procedures he/she has done and that he/she has done and share the equipment with him/her. Relaxing music and DVDs can be added to the process according to the patient's request for treatment. They dissipate the patient's attention and provide relief.

If our priority is to prevent phobic treatment, we should discuss it with a specialist and then entrust ourselves to a dentist we can fully rely on.

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