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Does my body accept the implant?

The implant is made of titanium. As a result of scientific research, no allergic condition has been detected with regard to titanium. Titanium is a tissue-friendly metal. Therefore, it is not the case that the implant body does not accept it. However, this does not mean that the implant treatment will be 100% successful. The success rate for implant treatment depends on the patient continuing to integrate into the bone after being placed in the implant jawbone and applying the superstructure. The implant may be removed from the jawbone due to the impaired sterile environment during operation or failure to observe oral hygiene after implant therapy. Oral care is very important in implant because microorganisms in the mouth can lead to incapacitation if not cleaned well.

When should I go to my dentist after implant treatment?

If a professional cleaning is done by going to the dentist every 6 months after implant treatment, the implant can be used healthier and longer lasting.

Are Implants Sensitized Like Natural Teeth?

Since the implant is not alive, it does not perform cold, warm sensitivity.


If dental implant treatment is performed under appropriate conditions, it will achieve a 99% success rate,

Being anti-allergic to the jawbone and gingival because it is made of titanium,

Having the closest treatment option to natural teeth,

The fact that the bone caused by the gap formed in the tooth defects has prevented the erection,

To protect tooth tissue,

The chewing function can be comfortable.

The reasons for increased use;

The increase in lifespan,

Increased tooth loss due to aging,

The use of a permanent tooth implant with a permanent toothless mouth, such as natural teeth,

Protecting facial aesthetics and muscle tissue,

Single tooth implant can be done without cutting the side teeth,

Having blocked the movement of the full dentures,

It is more hygienic and more durable than bridge treatment.

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