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the laser-assisted implant, the implant


One of the most frightful and most needed treatments for our patients is implant!

Nowadays, thanks to the techniques developed every day, even the most difficult surgical procedures can be made easy. We can use a lot of areas, especially for dentistry, from laser gingival aesthetics to removal of bleeds, before and after implantation to make both bone and soft tissue adjustments. This allows the procedures to be carried out by the patients more easily, effortlessly and in a shorter time.

The laser-assisted implant ensures that unwanted foreign tissue can be reliably removed without damaging the field bone tissue. At this point, implantation can be done safely without waiting too long after hearing. Pain and swelling that may occur after the operation also support rapid healing by minimizing it.

Prior to laser-assisted implantation, a patient's tomography is taken and detailed measurements are made about the width and depth of the bone tissue to be implanted. In this embodiment, only the area of the gingival implant is opened using a laser. Once the bone tissue has been reached, a drill is opened here at the implant diameter, and the drill is inserted.

After the laser-assisted implant application, the laser biostimulation application is performed and the pain that may occur after the operation is removed from the center and the tissue healing is accelerated.

Because of the laser-assisted implant application methods applied worldwide, the operation area is recovered more quickly since there is no open wound after the operation and since the suture is not used, accumulation of food residues is prevented and the use of teeth becomes easy after the operation.

Especially in the case of single tooth deficiency, laser-assisted implant therapy provides the patient with the comfort of the implant by immediately applying the implant when appropriate bone is found and by attaching permanent teeth on the implant in as short as two hours.


The application period is very short,

The healing period is short and fast, as the area in which the implant is placed in the operation is cut in the field,

Bone tissue is an operation applied in the making,

Recovery is quick because it is a seamless process.

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