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The images obtained by dental tomography are transformed into robotic jaw images in the computer environment. Virtual implant application is performed on the robotic chin image. A customized implant guide is prepared so that virtually placed implants can be projected onto the patient's mouth. With the aid of the prepared surgical guides, it is possible to place the implants in the ideal position and angle.

The prominence of placing the implants in the ideal position occurs during the construction of the prosthesis. Patients come to our clinic to chew healthy teeth and smile. In order to achieve this, the positions of implants placed in the jawbone are very important for making an ideal prosthesis. However, prostheses can be made that can restore the chewing function and aesthetic restoration on the implant placed in the correct position and angle. In this respect, it is possible to access natural looking prostheses integrated with healthy gums.

The Surgical guidance allows the implants to be placed in the correct position, as well as allowing the surgical procedure to be performed seamlessly. With this technique, the duration of the surgical procedure is reduced to a minimum and the gingival healing after surgery is very short. At the same time, multiple implant applications can be done in one session.

Although the lower and upper jaws have a minimum of 14 implants placed even from the totally toothless mouths, there is no pain and no swelling in the face. The patient returns to normal life the next day.


Being seamless,

The post-operative recovery is faster,

Patient comfort after operation is high,

The same session can be applied to a large number of implants,

It can be listed as being able to reach natural prosthesis integrated with healthy gums.


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