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Implant therapy is the most effective solution for patients suffering from missing teeth. Implant therapy gives you an image like your own natural teeth and performs its functions in that way.

Patients with no teeth in the mouth experience problems with talking and chewing the food properly. This can lead to other health problems. If you are having difficulty using dentures that are impractical and persistent, the All on 4 implant technique will be a good treatment option. The All On 4 implant technique is an application that allows the same day permanent prosthesis to be fixed on four implants placed at certain angles in full-toothless patients.

All On 4 implant technique is planned, firstly a radiological examination is needed. The patient is planned by making measurements through computerized tomography. After this plan, a special guide plaque is created by taking a measurement from the patient. One week later the patient is called up for operation and all on four implants are placed on the plate and placed on temporary denture implants on the same day. Three months later, the patient is invited for both control and permanent gluing of the implant prostheses.


On the same day with full toothless disease, the possibility of performing a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure,

Sinus lifting (sinus elevation surgery), bone surgery, such as the addition of any advanced surgery, such as easier passage of the operation,

You can make your laugh aesthetic with your personal planning,

All on 4 implants are easy to clean and maintain,

For patients who can not use removable dentures,

The design is different according to the dental prosthesis (complete denture prosthesis). It is easier to use because the patient does not cover the palate part,

Due to the small number of treatment sessions, it is appropriate for patients residing outside the city or country.


All ten can be applied to all full toothless (non-female) patients who do not have any systemic disease that impedes the operation of the implant technique and have adequate bone volume. You can immediately use your temporary denture, which is fixed on the implants after the procedure. However, it is necessary to nourish the eating system recommended by your physician during the 3 month period of fusion between the implants and the bone. After this process is completed, you will be fed with the permanent prosthesis as you wish.

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