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Food waste is the combination of minerals in saliva to form lime layers around the teeth and gums. Dental Hygiene, is the removal of dental plaque that accumulates on teeth in the mouth with ultrasound instruments and hand tools, and removal of colorings caused by dyes such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes on their teeth. The most effective way to protect the mouth and dental health is to brush your teeth regularly and with the right method. However, it is advisable to apply to the dentist for control once every 6 months in order to avoid the possibility of the tooth plaque. There is no damage to the tooth tissues of the dental cleansing made in this way. On the contrary, the fact that the stones are not cleaned causes the gum disease, therefore gum withdrawal, bad mouth odor, and the long vaults cause the teeth to fall off by themselves.


In order to prevent or at least minimize gingival formation; it is essential that the teeth are regularly cleaned with a toothbrush-fluoride toothpaste and dental floss.

Bleeding as a leak in the gums for a day and hot-cold sensitivity that lasts for several days is normal.

Normal or pathological intervals already present between the teeth resulting from clearing the inserts on the tooth pocket become noticeable.

It is normal for the teeth to swing because they have lost their support tissues when the teeth are densely packed and cleaned later in the gum disease period.

Dental gouged areas can be felt after cleaning the teeth on the tooth surface.


Food residues combine with minerals in the saliva to form a layer of lime around the teeth and gums. By brushing, they can not be removed from the teeth. However, the dentist can remove the teeth by performing the dental plaque removal procedure. The important thing here is that the patient can continue after the dental plaque is cleaned. Dentist cleaning can be done in case of necessity with doctor control every six months.


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