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At Istanbul Dentestetik, we provide a range of dental implants and dental cosmetic surgeries for our patients from overseas.  Before visiting our clinic, our dental surgeons will evaluate the panoramic x-ray images you will submit via our website’s contact section and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan along with the cost and length of treatment. Following this; 

Your flights, airport pick-up, all transfers in Istanbul, accommodation at selected hotels and breathtaking tours of Istanbul – a tourism haven filled with historical treasures–will all be provided by the Dentestetik family. What’s more, you will be offered the best price for these services. 

All imaging systems, including tomographic and panoramic x-ray machines, along with its laboratory, are located on the premises. We are vigilant in keeping up with the latest technology and hygiene standards; and from implants to pediatric dentistry, all dental health care services are offered under the one roof at our clinic.

Dentist in Turkey

Dentist in Turkey, offers dental treatment at affordable prices compared to Europe. For this reason, every year thousands of patients from Europe come to Istanbul for treatment.

Implants in Turkey

Our patients want to be treated in Turkey implants, dental tourism planning can make our clinic immediately by filling out the form below.


You can download your X-ray from the following area.


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