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The field which uses mental examination methods to diagnose oral, dental and mucosal diseases, prepares the most appropriate treatment plan for the healing of these tissues and directs the patients to specialist branches of treatment.

Examines the diseases, anomalies, developmental defects of the oral, dental, gingival and peripheral tissues of the dentist and investigates the diagnostic and treatment criteria. A good oral diagnosis is made by oral examination and radiological examination. Our clinic has the possibility of radiological examination with Panoramic and Tomographic relay instrument, RVG and Phosphor plate.


Digital Panoramic Radiography

Panoramic radiographs are the imaging technique of the whole of the teeth present in the mouth, the implanted teeth, the bone tissue surrounding the teeth and the entire jawbone. The images of the captured x-ray can be seen instantly on the computer screen. The advantage is that the images can be stored in the patient file in the computer environment or can be shared on the internet when necessary.

Digital Radiography

The images of the captured x-ray can be seen instantly in the computer environment. The patient's information can also be shared in the patient's file or over the internet. The periapical and panoramic X-rays obtained with RVG are examined in detail and then evaluated with intra-oral findings.

Computerized Tomography

It is a three-dimensional imaging technique used in situations where traditional intraoral and extraoral imaging techniques are inadequate, such as large cysts, tumors, and cases where multiple implant applications are planned. Contrary to other two-dimensional techniques, this method can be taken in cross-sections from the mouth region and the neighboring points of teeth or pathological occurrences related to the surrounding tissues can be examined in 3 planes.

Especially when a large number of implants are to be implanted, the thickness of the bone in the horizontal direction, the positions of the sinus cavities, the veins and nerves can be determined precisely. Another advantage of the method is that it can be used in combination with the rapid prototyping method to prepare working models or guide plates for the desired region before the prepare working models or guide plates for the desired region before the surgical procedure. All our radiography devices are licensed by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority and routine inspections are carried out.

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant With Radiography?

Imaging devices used in dentistry have very low radiation dose and are not at a level that threatens human health. Radiography is not taken except emergency medicine consent and doctor's request, especially in case of pregnancy. However, it can be taken if is very compulsory.The pregnant women must wear a lead apron when entering the radiology clinic.


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