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This system, which is called Aligner, intertwined tooth position is the aesthetic treatment method developed to reach ideal positions. These smart plaques, which are used as an alternative to brackets for adult patients, are specially produced. It is the least comfortable and the most comfortable treatment for the teeth disorder and avi systems. This treatment, also known as "cordless orthodontic treatment" among the people, does not have metal wires or brackets, so mouth irritations do not occur and it is very convenient to use. The crowding plates made in different numbers according to their severity; are replaced by patients on average every 2 weeks.

The measurement is taken from the patient's mouth, the received measurements are scanned and transferred to the computer environment. Under the supervision of the special program and specialist physicians, the estimated movements of the teeth are detected and the plate is produced for the individual. Incoming plaques are inserted into the order during the period determined by the patients. At this point, the teeth are shifted, deviousness and the disorders recover. Some transparent plaque treatment in the patient's digital environment by means of specially tuned programs intricate teeth step by step.


The patient is advised to wear at least 20 hours per day per plate. Plates that are only eaten while eating, even sleep, should always be in the mouth. The fact that some special days and invitations can be taken for a few hours is also one of the biggest advantages that these records provide to the patient in terms of social life. We recommend removing the plaque for hot drinks such as tea, while the plaza is in the mouth at normal temperature and there is no disadvantage in drinking cold drinks.


The removable plaque allows the patient to keep his teeth and gums healthy by regularly brushing and using dental floss.

Your private life will not affect your social life because of the opportunity to take a private program or a couple of hours.

Nobody will notice it for the duration of the treatment because the Aligner is almost invisible.

Fixed bracket orthodontic treatment, on the contrary, you can remove your plate while you eat.

Again, due to the same feature, you can eat and drink what you want, unlike the fixed orthodontic treatment.

Designed digitally and manufactured with 3D printers, approx. 35% shorter treatment time than dentifrice treatment.


Nowadays, everyone is directed to many treatment options in order to have properly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile. Some bleaching, bonding systems aesthetic dentistry directed to treatment; Some people are directed to prosthetic treatments because they can not solve their problems with them. Perplexed and the most accurate and conservative treatment option for correcting disorganized teeth Orthodontic Treatment. If the teeth are intensively treated or traumatized, other treatment options may be considered. Most of the time, orthodontic treatment, later implant dental treatment and prosthetic treatment applications. So we work with several areas of the dentist to achieve more aesthetic results. In short, in order to have an aesthetic smile, let's take a short answer orthodontic treatment   It is not true to throw it in the second plan. Even if it can be preferred on conditions that the circumstances and circumstances do not allow. Your priority is to have a clean and well-maintained mind, with real aesthetic and well-being of your mouth. Everything you have on it is a plus for you.


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