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gum removal,

What is the gum removal?

The gingival margin falls below the enamel level and the surface of the root is visible.

In which age groups do gingival extraction occur?

Gender can be seen in all the individuals of the society without age difference.

What are the reasons for gum removal?

Wrong toothbrushing technique

Too many teeth brushing

Hard tooth brushing

High and abnormal paralysis

Incorrect fillings and coatings lead to gum retraction.

How do I brush my teeth to live a gum extraction?

Teeth should be brushed with circular motions with a medium hard brush

Brushing should not be too hard and should be done to orient the gums to the tooth.

What problems do gum extraction cause?

Accumulation of plaque on the tooth and accompanying root bruises, tooth sensitivity, and aesthetic problems.

Can I have a tooth loss due to gum retraction?

The patient may experience tooth loss if there is a withdrawal at an advanced level and the hard tissue surrounding the teeth is completely removed from the center.

How is the damage to the dental plaque treated?

The distressed area is treated with a filler or a complete covering of the tooth so that the sensitivity problem also ceases to exist.

In which situations is the gum surgeon referred?

Especially in cases where the athlete has had a problem in the front areas and has created aesthetic problems

In cases where the gum disease progresses

Gingival surgeons will be referred to when it is not enough to cover the teeth.

Can I suffer?

The patient does not feel pain as the gingival surgeon is under local anesthesia.

What should I pay attention to after the operation?

The operation area should be kept away from mechanical trauma.

Keep away from hard food and keep the area clean.

Can I smoke during the treatment period?

Patients should stay away from smoking as much as possible.

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