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In the pedodontics section, infants, children, and teenagers are provided with comprehensive oral and dental treatment options, in accordance with their physical and emotional development. Recent studies show that 90% of tooth decay occurs during the milk dentition (2-6 years) and mixed dentition stages (7-12 years). For this reason, for the child’s future oral and dental health and most importantly, their general health and well-being, preventative care is essential.


It is essential that they brush their teeth effectively for just three minutes after breakfast and again before they go to bed. Just like all good habits, brushing their teeth is a habit that can only be instilled during childhood.

It is not recommended for children to use toothpaste during infancy, right up until they are 3 years old. Only after the age of three should children be allowed to use toothpaste. Just a drop of toothpaste is sufficient for children to use when brushing.


It has been scientifically proven that a certain amount of fluoride in the mouth in a consistent manner prevents the formation of tooth decay. Especially during the initial stages of tooth decay, it has been proven to strengthen dental tissue as it generates re-mineralization in tooth enamel, hence preventing tooth decay. Also, with important habits such as a healthy diet, using toothpaste containing fluorine for oral hygiene, supported further with mouthwash and fissure sealant applications that we have easy access to today, it is possible to protect our children from tooth decay.


Molar teeth positioned at the back of the mouth have a risky anatomy when it comes to tooth decay, as their chewing-surfaces have fissures on them. Saliva’s cleansing function is insufficient for these tiny dents on molar teeth. The toothbrush is also insufficient as their bristles are too large to clean these surfaces. Fissure sealants are an effective method of protection from decay in these areas. Fissure sealants are applied for children between 6-13 years of age.


Decayed milk teeth that haven’t been treated cause pain bad breath, tooth abscess, orofacial infection, difficulty chewing, malnutrition and an unsightly appearance. Tooth problems that are not treated during this period may cause the formation of crooked teeth, deformities in jaw development and other general health problems.

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