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Loss of material in teeth, shape deformities, discoloration and tooth loss are all issues that present discomfort - both aesthetically and functionally. These problems can be eliminated with porcelain crowns and other types fixed dentures. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are left fragile and lifeless, therefore crowns are a common application for the protection of these teeth. Denture treatment can be in the form of a porcelain crown on just a single tooth, while also in the form of fixed metal-based porcelain or zirconium-porcelain braces.

Porcelain crowns are applied after the teeth are reduced in size to attain the required anatomic form. Following this, preparations are done according to the measurements taken. With the application of these porcelain crowns onto the downsized teeth, the original function is restored. Crowns can be produced from full ceramic (glass-based ceramic or zirconium oxide) or metal-based ceramic.


In cases when the patient’s bone and anatomical structure allows it, fixed - or, upon request, removable - dentures can be applied along with dental implants. Dependent mostly on the jaw structure, if a patient fits all criteria to be eligible for this particular treatment, further stabilizing the dentures in the mouth is possible with the help of implants. These procedures vary and are all advanced surgical and prosthetic dentistry procedures.  Again, the best decision here can be guaranteed via pre-treatment examination procedures and models. Therefore, implants which have been applied without detailed pre-planning are literally labeled as ‘stillborn dentures.’

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