Weekdays: 09.00 - 20.00
Saturday: 09.00 - 18.00

Istanbul Dentestetic implant and aesthetic treatment procedures with the highest quality materials and new technological equipment are applied.

All of our clinical staff are trained in dental treatment for a certain period of time in order to catch perfection. Our physicians have made the current professional issues, aesthetic dentistry, and implant surgery topics constantly with congresses, symposiums, seminars and special academic studies both domestically and abroad. This gives our patients a high level of benefit.

The number of implants applied in our clinic can be expressed with 10.000. The implant has achieved a high success rate of 98% and patient satisfaction is high.

Our prices in our clinical practice are not too expensive, but our treatments are at the top. Our specialist dentists, assistant staff, and dental technicians are employees of our clinic. All of our employees are provided with continuous in-service training (hygiene and technical knowledge) to ensure continuity of service quality.

Our clinic is centrally located and car parking is available.

The examinations of our first registration patients are free of charge. We have a panoramic film in our clinic, and if necessary, a tomography is taken. After diagnosis treatment planning, your patients are given advantageous prices and flexible payment information. Once you are admitted, treatment begins. The study schedule will be applied to the patient as 90% is valid. The patient can see his / her outlook because of the work to be done and plan himself/herself.

Our greatest goal is to see the patient with a glaucomatous facial discomfort.


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